Amon Tobin

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Amon Tobin (born Amon Adonai Santos de Araújo Tobin on February 7, 1972) is a Brazilian musician, composer and producer of electronic music. He is described as a virtuoso sound designer and is considered to be one of the most influential electronic music artists in the world. He is noted for his unusual methodology in sound design and music production. He has released seven major studio albums under the London-based Ninja Tune record label. It began for him sometime in the mid-90s when Read more on

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Born (January 5, 1981) and raised in Niagara Falls, Canada, Joel Zimmerman (aka "deadmau5") has become one of the most sought-after artists on the electronic music scene in recent times. He is known for his highly entertaining live gigs, often performing wearing a large cartoon mouse head. He first started his career as co-producer of the Niagara Falls radio show “The Party Revolution” (101.1 The Planet). After gaining exposure to all the many facets of electronic music Read more on

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Autechre (pronounced "awe-tek-er") is English electronic/IDM duo Rob Brown and Sean Booth, signed with Warp Records. Much of Autechre's music has a strong focus on complex rhythm and driving percussion, and more recently, on meticulous sequencing. Later work has been notably experimental and abstract, in contrast to the more club-friendly and conventional early 1990s releases. Booth and Brown formed the group in 1987 while they were both living in Rochdale, United Kingdom. Read more on

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Plastikman is the main recording identity for Windsor, Ontario, Canada's Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman, F.U.S.E., Circuit Breaker, From Within to name a few). Since his debut as states of mind and fuse in 1990 to the launch of Plastikman in 1992, his sound has developed through early connotations of acidic techno and extreme levels of energy (1993's 'Spastik') to sonic experiments in futuristic-rhythms and off-world ambience (1998's 'Consumed' LP). Read more on

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B12 is a British electronic music duo consisting of Mike Golding and Steve Rutter. Golding and Rutter, who shy away from the press and rarely give interviews, have also released material under the monikers Musicology, Redcell and Cmetric, and distribute their material on their own B12 record label. Their sound is usually categorized as techno or intelligent dance music (IDM). Their first full-length album, Electro-Soma, is a collection of early work Read more on

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